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To Our Readers - March / April 2014

Publisher's Letter

Greetings Readers:

Nowhere will you find an example of mankind with more concentration, with more single-minded focus than in he who has just hit the snooze button. In one harried flailing motion, the cacophonous burr of the alarm is silenced and the eyes are squeezed tight to help induce an extra nine minutes of sleep. An extra nine minutes that are tasked with making up for staying awake a bit too late, as well as the remainder of the evening’s restless clock-staring. These are the nine minutes that will keep the snooze hitter out of a somnambulistic state through the day. These are the nine minutes that will inculcate a sharpened focus through the day. These are the nine minutes that will maintain an elevated level of productivity through the day. And then it happens. None of those ambitions were achieved and the nine minutes have vanished in what amounts to a nine-minute-long blink of the eye, and the world is no less bleary for it. The alarm screams, the cycle repeats, and an alternate squad of nine minutes who are no more capable of abetting the evening’s restive state than the last try their collective luck at getting the sleeper some much needed repose. It’s a sequence that leaves a rancorous stain on the day.

Alas, the snooze button is but a seasonal bad habit for me. I exploit its muting powers with profound proficiency during the dark months, but come spring when the sun appears a bit less lazy, so do I. Leaving for work when it’s dark, and getting home long after sunset makes for a wretched season — and paired with the winter we’ve had weather-wise, I merrily bid it a not-so-fond adieu. March 20 marks the first day of spring this year and though it may not portend the end of snow and ice officially, it is a harbinger that sunny days are at least coming. After the workout I’ve given my snooze button this winter, my anthropomorphic friend could use the break as much as I look forward to sunny, snowless mornings. As for all you winter-lovers out there, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

All the best,
Matt Makowski, Managing Editor