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To Our Readers: From the Publisher

Publisher's Letter

Dear Reader,

Today marks the second week of April. The air has grown warmer. The breeze, easier. And all around, people are coming outside, emerging from the cocoon of winter to test their wings in the spring warmth. I’ve been amazed at how quickly the grass has turned green again. After the long and painful winter, it sprung to life at the first opportunity. And now, I can tell, Mother Nature will allow the cold to creep in no more.

Our community comes alive at the sight of spring. Restaurants open their patios. Businesses open their doors. Children ride bikes, play basketball and visit with their neighbors. Homeowners begin to clean out their yards, homes and garages. Whether we like it or not, we are a town that is governed by the seasons.

This issue of HM is dedicated to those things that get us outside, experiencing life in the warmth of the sun. Our A&E section gives some examples of how the arts bring us out to places like Hagerstown’s City Center for music events like Wind Down Fridays and the Western Maryland Blues Fest. Our cover story shows how green trees and historic settings bring filmmakers to the area to capture our beauty and share it across the country. Our story on the Hagerstown PONY League reminds us that the lure of baseball is strong, bringing kids and adults together to share in the love of the game. And I will take you on a little trip around several Washington County boroughs as they forge newer, stronger reasons to live in or visit them.

So, enjoy the warmth of the season. You deserve it after the long, cold winter we’ve had. I hope to see you out and about.

Best wishes,
Kate Rader, Publisher