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To Our Readers

Publisher's Letter

Dear Reader,

Why an issue dedicated to business growth you ask? It’s no secret that each issue of HM celebrates local businesses and their successes in many ways. The GROWTH issue is simply an expansion on the concept. Owning a business is part of a great cycle that involves input from many hands at different stages.

A business begins as an idea, and then evolves into a plan. Usually the entrepreneur has gathered information about how to make his or her idea successful from many sources — friends, colleagues, family members, and community organizations. The plan then begins to be implemented. A location is chosen. perhaps construction begins. Supplies are purchased and inventoried. Policies are set. Budgets are made. Employees are hired and trained.

Then the real fun begins. Once a business owner opens the doors, there are whole new sets of challenges to face, from unpredictable employees to crazy weather. If the entrepreneur is passionate about what they are doing, they improve and grow just as the business does — becoming a better business owner and a better person along the way.

Those of us who are blessed (and headstrong enough) to own our own business are grateful for all of the people who have inspired us along the way. The GROWTH issue is filled with inspiring examples of excellent businesses. It’s exciting to see how high we can raise the bar. The true test of an entrepreneur is to be able to see greatness in your competition — and build off of it.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Best wishes,
Kate Rader, Publisher