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The Piano Man

Teens Have Talent Winner, Mack Berry: One Year Later By Carla Shives

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Rolling on the River

Knoxville’s Guide House Grill Mixes Casual Style and Lofty Eats By April Bartel and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Down on the Farm

Misty Meadow shows where food originates By Cheryl M. Keyser and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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A Place for Inspiration

Sculptor Toby Mendez breathes new life into his famous father’s art studio By Jeanne Blackburn and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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One Step at a Time

Dan Hawthorne takes control of his attitude about food By Crystal Schelle At his heaviest, Dan Hawthorne guesses he weighed around 615 pounds. He uses “guesses” because he wasn’t sure how much he weighed since most home scales don’t read past 350 pounds.

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A Cyber Kitchen Table

Facebook Group Connects with All Things Hagerstown Lisa Gregory It seems that once you’re a Hagerstownian you’re always a Hagerstownian. And there’s no better place to enjoy that fact than the Our Hagerstown Tymes Facebook group. Heck, even if you aren’t a Hagerstownian you will still be made to feel more than welcomed by the group.

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Passing Through

Saw-Whet Owl Flies a Local Migration Path Karen Gardner and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Shall We Dance?

It’s Hard to Stay Seated When the Music Starts By Lisa Gregory The name remains the same. Even after Rocky Birely took over for his father in 1994, the band was still called The Ray Birely Orchestra. “I never replaced him,” says Rocky of his father, who started the band in 1962. “It is his legacy, not mine.”

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Remembering the Old Country

Sandra Knight is baking German tradition into each cookie for Christmas. By Crystal Schelle and photos by Turner Photography Studio Sandra Knight describes Christmas in her native Germany as magical. 

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Deck the Halls

Holiday lights without the hassle By Gina Gallucci-White Growing up, Ronald Layman recalls his parents just wanting a nice indoor Christmas tree for decorations. He had other ideas.

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