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The Greatest Generation

Photo courtesy Kuhn/Woodring archives After completing training to become a mechanic on the B-24, Fred Kuhn decided to change course and applied to pilot’s school. This photo was taken on July 22, 1943 at Thompson Field in San Marcos, Texas. Fred served with the 15th Air Force, 451st Bomb Group, 724th Squadron.​

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Dining Rooms

Decorating, renovating, and updating advice from Maryann Fisher This time of year, we tend to bring attention to our dining rooms. Regardless of its size, you can still make it a showpiece in your home.  

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"How Do You Like Them Apples?"

Antietam Blush Apple – Maryland Grown By Karen Gardner and photos by Turner Photography Studio  Fall in Maryland means visits to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. But getting those apple trees to produce just the right apple at the right time can be tricky. That’s where Chris Walsh, University of Maryland plant science professor, comes in.

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A Wisconsin Yankee in Gray

The Tragic Untold Story of a Newspaper Editor From the Badger State in Hagerstown By Stephen R. Bockmiller The American Civil War. Brother against brother. Blue versus gray. The great American tragedy.

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Almost Lost

Efforts Underway to Restore and Preserve Historic African American Cemetery in Halfway Neighborhood Story and photos by Lisa Gregory

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Apples, Apples, Apples

Photo courtesy Hancock Historical Society Apples have been grown in Washington County since the first settlers crossed the Blue Ridge.  Small orchards were planted on many of the farms, but it wasn’t until later that commercial production began. The Depression years of the 1930s rendered a heavy blow to the fruit industry and hundreds of acres were abandoned.  

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Home Office

Decorating, renovating, and updating advice from Maryann Fisher For many of us, the home office is now more of a priority room. Your work environment (like your home) is important to your emotions. Production is improved when you are working in a pleasant and efficient space.   

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Celebration Destination

Schmankerl Stube welcomes patrons back with a taste of sunny Bavaria By April Bartel and photos courtesy of Dieter Blosel

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Civil War Author John Schildt

A Washington County Treasure By Karen Gardner and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Making Music and Making Friends

Quarantine Band Brings Neighborhood Together By Lisa Gregory

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