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Return to Retail: Part Three – The New Normal

This holiday season, retailers are committed to serving the customer, despite inventory hardships. By Angela Niessner

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The Toymakers

Couple Creates Handmade Wooden Toys for Needy Children at Christmas Written and photographed by Lisa Gregory As a little girl, Mary Cutshaw didn’t get toys for Christmas. Sometimes hard candy or an orange, she says. But never toys.  “If you got shoes on your feet and food in your belly that was the priority,” says her husband, Richard. 

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Hagerstown's Super Solider

SIX months a prisoner of war, FIVE decades of service, FOUR wars, THREE years in the Army of the Potomac, TWO veterans’ organizations and George Fisher had ONE more job to do. By Stephen R. Bockmiller

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A Snowy Escape

Donna Mason, who became a painter late in life, is part of the Valley Art Association’s “Winter Wonderland” exhibit. By Crystal Schelle and photos courtesy of Donna Mason

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Wiz Wit

Authentic Hoagies and Cheesesteaks reign at the Philly Sandwich Company. Story and photography by April Bartel You can’t go to Philadelphia and not try the cheesesteak. It would be like visiting Maryland and not sampling a crab cake or two. Sacrilege. 

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Return to Retail: Part Two – Re-engagment

A few months after heavy COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, area retailers are back to work and it’s “Full steam ahead!” By Angela Niessner and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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A Surprise and a Miracle

Colt beat odds to become horse rescue's first baby By Lisa Gregory Was she, or wasn’t she? That was the question. Cassie came to the Maryland Horse Rescue along with some other horses from a farm in West Virginia in January of 2020. The horses had been exposed to a terrible neglect situation.   

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C&O Canal National Historical Park 50th Anniversary

By Karen Gardner and Photos by Turner Photography Studio As the C&O Canal National Historical Park celebrates its 50th anniversary, the park has something else to celebrate – a new headquarters in Williamsport. 

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Something to Tweet About

Hagerstown Couple documents the story of the “Bluebirds of Antietam” By Crystal Schelle As Stefanie Boss and her husband, Mike Reed, walk down Smoke-town Road on the Antietam National Battlefield property, a bird with bright blue feathers, a rusty-colored breast, and white belly darts from its perch on the wooden fence to the nearby trees.

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Sol Food

Café del Sol serves up a bright interpretation of global cuisine. Story and photos by April Bartel It all started with pizza, that humble Italian flatbread Americans adopted as their own.  

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