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New Reads For March/April

New Reads by Local Authors

The Lady Who Cried Murder (Acorn Book Services, 2013)

by Lauren Carr

Lauren returns in this first-rate mystery with her favorite detective, Mac Faraday, and a growing cast of characters, some of whom populate another series she is developing.

This one is a real tour-de-force, with culprits ranging up to the halls of the Senate, making for chest-tightening reading. As always, there are tender scenes between friends who become lovers, and, of course, there is Gnarly, the dog — the protector who plays a larger role in this story.

Lauren has unfolded a challenging plot, involving serial rape, murder, sex, and politics — scenario that reeks with danger. It starts off simple with a missing girl and soon becomes a tale of major intrigue.

Lauren has just finished her latest novel, “Twelve to Murder,” and re-released the first of the “Lovers In Crime” series, which has risen to the top 100 on Amazon. All of her books now come with a cast of characters, which she added in response to reader’s requests.

In addition to writing, Lauren also operates Acorn Book Services, aiding other writers. “Marketing is the most important thing,” she says, of utilizing the latest technology. “I reach more people tweeting than are likely to see a front page feature in a newspaper.”

Available at:,, and the Four Seasons Bookstore in Shepherdstown. 

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2013)

by Gary Anthes

This stunning compilation of photos of the 184-mile-long canal shows it at its best dressed in all seasons. Each image holds a story. Although this is the ultimate in coffee table books, each picture would be perfect framed.

It evokes emotions from the delicate shot of a butterfly brushing a lilac to a more prosaic pile of stones at a canal lock.

Beyond that, Gary also describes how he took the photo, what history is connected to it, and how the passage of time has affected it.

“I go to the Maine Media Workshop and the teacher suggested that I find a project to photograph. Returning home, I drove down Canal Road in Washington, D.C. and it was the perfect combination of nature and historic homes,” says Gary. And that led him to explore the Canal with his camera to its terminus.

A former journalist in technology, he still free-lances. And he has some ideas in the works for his next project.

Available at:, and

You’re Going to Buy The Place Aren’t You (Outskirts Press, 2012)

by Lawrence Lengel

This gentle tale of a harpsichordist and a small town lawyer has them delving into a mystery from the past, leading to a touching romance. The protagonist, Jan, moves to a small town resembling Mercersburg to get away from the city. In the course of fixing-up her old home, she encounters unidentified bones in an old well, an inventory of the belongings of the original home’s owner, and an evolving attraction to a local gentleman.

As she professionally takes a turn for the better, she researches the past and advances into an unexpected present, expanding her knowledge of her new home.

This is Larry’s first book and he has based it on his personal experiences rehabbing an old house. “The inventory features in the book is a copy of what our lawyer found when we went to settlement,” he notes.

It took him about six years, on and off, to complete the book. He chose to make Jan a harpsichordist as he was at one time a professional musician and has made two harpsichords from kits and another he designed himself.

Available at:,, and Dru’s Books ‘n Things in Waynesboro, Pa.

A Fog of Ghosts (Blind Springs Press, 2013)

by John Douglas

This is the perfect book to keep by the bedside and dip into. It tells a series of strange happenings in the area of Berkeley Springs, which some people already think of as harboring strange spirits.

Wander at night is the perfect place to fall into that mysterious fog and see sightings of Indians, weary Confederate troops, men and women in powdered wigs, and a hanging. Some of the tales are true, some fiction, and some a mix. John usually wrote them for the local papers where he worked. The unsolved murder of the “red head,” comes complete with photos.

John wrote several mystery novels in the 1980s, but now retired he is again exploring that possibility and another update on George Washington in Berkeley Springs. ”I decided to collect all the ghost stories I had written, only I found that I had a lot of rewriting to do,” he says. Lucky for us.

Available at:,, Turn the Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, Four Seasons in Shepherdstown, and at gift shops in Berkeley Springs.