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May / June - 2014

May/JuneLet the blooms begin. The May flowers are rising from the ashen memories of this rotten winter and we couldn’t be happier for it. The May/June issue of HM aims to put readers into a creative mindset, motivated and inspired by the exploration of our region. In this issue, we talk to filmmakers — local and otherwise — and find out what makes Washington County and the surrounding region so ripe for making movies. We also sit down and talk with five tattoo artists in the area with diverse styles, but a shared passion for their craft and the art they create. If skin-applied arts aren’t your thing, Danielle Corsetto shares how she made it into the world of cartooning, and we take a little jaunt through downtown Waynesboro for the sake of Destination ARTS! The A&E edition wouldn’t be complete without a touch of entertainment to go with all that art, so we got a little dirty exploring the mudding scene and checked out some PONY League baseball games. And with spring, comes wedding season. One of the biggest trends this year is to go rustic, and what’s more rustic than getting married in a barn? This trend seems perfect for Western Maryland, and we did our due diligence and broke down some options in the area. As always, there’s more to cover than there is space, so enjoy this sample of what HM’s got in store this issue.