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July / August - 2015

Jul/AugustWelcome to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. For the July/August issue of Hagerstown magazine, we dusted off the sun and moon and sung a song of cheer for the 10th annual People To Watch (extra points to those who already picked up on the Nat King Cole reference). This year’s band of movers, and shakers, are all pledge makers effecting positive differences in the community they live and work in. We also took a trip out to Regenerate to test out — first-hand — the powers of flotation therapy, and had some sobering conversations with those who have benefitted from social service programs that helped them combat their mental illnesses and additions and get off the streets.

Inside we’ve also got a glimpse inside the new artist co-op and gallery on South Potomac Street, travel into Franklin County to experience the healing powers of salt, and we bounced around the county to find some great places to eat while also enjoying a little outdoor scenery — after reading it, you’ll wish that summer could always be here. As always, there’s more in print than we’ve got room for on our website, so be sure to pick up a copy!