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Floral Inspirations

photos by Turner Photography Studio

Floral Inspirations

Roostervane Gardens and Candlelight Floral Designs re-create the charm of yesteryear's holiday season through antique inspirations.

Rummaging around the Internet, there’s no shortage of imagery recalling Christmases of a bygone era. We took some images we found in the public domain and brought them to a pair of florists to see what they could do to reanimate these memories. Their designs update the traditional while maintaining the rustic and whimsical charm of the past. Finding inspiration for yard displays, doorknockers, and centerpieces that welcome guests and embrace the holiday spirit is easier than ever. And whether you want to create something new yourself, or enlist the help of a professional, it’s about time sprucing up your home for the holidays makes it onto your to-do list.

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