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Training Muscles and Developing Minds

The Pediatric Movement Center in Hagerstown helps kids of varying abilities and needs grow through movement and play by Arlene Karidis & Photography by Turner Photography Studio

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People to Watch 2017

Leading by example and giving back to the community they love and live in, Kimberly Holtz, Cory Moskowitz, Jamie Lawrence, and Billy Skomski Jr. are making Washington County a better place to live and work by leaving a lasting professional imprint on Hagerstown. by Matt Makowski & Photography by Turner Photography Studio

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a dose of satire

An inauthentic look back at Hagerstown’s phony past

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Enhancing Homes, One Customer At A Time

Mansion Chic features a sundry of throwbacks and accents sure to tie any room together. by Steve Sears & photos by Turner Photography Studio

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The Music In The Passion

Hagerstown’s vast and varied music scene continues to expand and inspire the next round of musicians. by Beth Vollmer photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Rolling With the Punches

The alter egos of the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens brandish their talents and solidarity one revolution at a time. By Yvonne Butts-Mitchell photos by Turner Photography Studio

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A Novel Approach To End Bullying

Author Stacy Einfalt has penned and illustrated three books to teach young readers about dangers of bullying.

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From Gridiron To IRONMAN

After hanging up his North Hagerstown High football cleats, Logan Kelso took on one of the most difficult single-day challenges out there. 

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The Heritage & History Of Washington County

Washington County Historical Society’s new Kinship Research Center helps grow residents’ family trees. by James Rada Jr. Researching your family tree begins with a seed and it’s you. From there, you can record information about yourself, your parents, and probably even your grandparents without too much trouble.

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Making A Home Together

While on the search for a new home to settle into, Rich and Becky Owens — originally from Fairfax, Va. — found a house for sale on Broadway in Hagerstown.

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