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Arts & Entertainment

Aim Your Glass to the Skies

The TriState Astronomy Club engages the universe as far as their telescopes permit.

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The Artists Behind the Gallery

The Fine Arts Company champions local artists who make quirky, attractive pieces.

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Get Down with the Wind Down

Wind Down Friday expands its appeal with hopes for the biggest season yet.

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Crowdfunding the Creative

Local artists and authors are using online platforms like Kickstarter to find financial support for their creative projects.

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People to Watch

By different means and professions, Gaby Polanco, Mike Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Toothman, and Erin Wolfe share a passionate vision for a bright Hagerstown future.

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For Those Who Want to Rock

What happens when two entrepreneurs with passion but no musical talent open a music school? They rock.

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Ruling the Ground from the Air

In battle, brute comes before beauty.

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Hot List 2015

This year’s expansive Hot List features 100 of readers’ favorite places to dine, drink, do business, have a good time, and more.

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Fire and Ice

Chambersburg is set to host two events that will give you the chills!

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Advocating the Arts

With growing prestige, Washington County Arts Council mirrors the local artists it showcases.

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