Updating a Kitchen

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Decorating, renovating, and updating advice from Maryann Fisher

After completing a major kitchen remodel in our home, I’m happy to share some of my ideas and tips if you are considering a similar project. My first consideration was our lifestyle. Pre-COVID-19, we enjoyed a lot of entertaining and wanted a much larger kitchen with more storage. The first solution was removing a wall, which would more than double the length of the space. 

It’s important to keep a good ‘flow’ in the home, so I considered the style and colors in the adjoining dining/living room area and the plan began. I worked with a local cabinet maker who could understand my vision and listen to my functioning specifics. For example, I wanted shelves for cookbooks and bowls and a small seating area for breakfast. This was accomplished with the long island.  Electrical outlets were added on the end of the island. I also added a prep sink with a garbage disposal on the other end of the island. The floor in the adjoining areas is hardwood (put in when the home was built in the mid 1960’s). I decided my best option was not to try and match it, so I chose a LVT (luxury vinyl tile) in mixed warm and cool colors. My chosen granite includes the moss green colors from the adjoining rooms, cool greys, warm tones, and soft white. For the backsplash, I went out of the box using a 12 x 48 warm tone ceramic tile. With just a bit of drywall exposed, I decided to continue my love of texture with wallpaper that mimics old bricks. 

Desiring a light and bright kitchen, I wanted white cabinets. Since I’m very particular about color, I put all my samples together to choose the ‘right’ white for my space. It was “Dover White.” On the island base, I chose a deep charcoal color “Peppercorn.” Adding depth to the cabinets with glass doors, the “Peppercorn” color was painted on the back of these cabinets, too.  

My chosen pendants were placed over the island and sink. Working with my electrician, we found the perfect light, which illuminates the kitchen cabinets and counters.  We are looking forward to when we can entertain again in our new kitchen!

Decorating Tips

1. Consider YOUR lifestyle for function.
2. Keep your home’s flow.
3. Work with contractors who understand your vision.
4. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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