Two Are Better Than One

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A Washington County LLC uses marketing and music to enrich lives in the community.

by Tiffany Gardner and Photos by Turner Photography Studio

Near ideal weather conditions this spring and summer have produced great results for many of us who enjoy gardening. But tasty tomatoes and fragrant flowers are not the only thing that has grown and flourished in our community this season. It’s an exciting time in Washington County as many young entrepreneurs and businesses are blooming in the area. We are excited to announce the arrival of Kinfolk, LLC to our city and believe you will share our excitement as you read on.

Kinfolk is a new-age digital marketing company founded by a team of highly talented local business professionals. Kinfolk’s founders: Tim Campbell, Rod Irish, Mark Irish, and Mike Hearon, along with CFO Tearance Moore of TM Consulting, have joined forces to provided digital marketing solutions to the Washington County Community. This highly skilled team specializes in media management and business consulting with resources that include custom podcasting, photography, audio engineering, and much more. This team goes the extra mile to ensure enhanced branding and support to each of its valued clients.

What’s all the hype about podcasts and why are they so crucial to business cultivation? Per Forbes: “At least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts, a figure up 11 percent from 2016, with 67 million listening to podcasts at least monthly.” Those numbers are a major “wow factor” for entrepreneurs and businesses, and haven’t gone unnoticed by Kinfolk. The cost-to-value ratio for podcasts is incredibly low and the brass at Kinfolk know how to make this a lucrative opportunity for its clients with just a few hours of production time a week. Other companies may promote the idea that it’s expensive to produce anything of value, however Kinfolk understands that concept doesn’t mean your brand will yield more value. Kinfolk believes production value is of course critical, however it is possible to create interesting content targeted to the desired audience even on a tight budget. Kinfolk’s podcast segments currently cover local and national news, as well as financial topics and health. They also bring their listeners valuable segments on education, sports, and entertainment, which impact our community directly.

Kinfolk knows the power of influence and capability of a solid team and therefore is partnered with local business owners and community advocates. By fostering local relationships, Kinfolk is fashioning a strong platform for business advancement through networking. An exemplary model of this is Kinfolk’s relationship with Vocal Ink Production and TM Consulting. This remarkable partnership is already managing these local music artists: Drew Free, Crystall Babbii, and Rigo “Rebel” Valentin. The power of music alone will foster growth, healing, local culture, and community here in Washington County. It has been said listening to and creating music not only relaxes you, but in some cultures, it’s actually used to ease pain. The communities of Hagerstown have encountered times of pain and struggle which Kinfolk’s team hopes to make a distant memory. This is only one example of Kinfolk’s vision to improve communication in he Hagerstown community.

Kinfolk believes “Home is where the Heart is,” and has therefore partnered with Kellgard Contracting to improve the community’s residential environment. Kellgard Contracting provides high-quality residential interior remodeling, historic restoration, and light exterior projects. Kellgard Contracting honors the community by actively participating in volunteering opportunities and shows kindness for others by helping those in need. To further cultivate community healing and growth, Kellgard Contracting, hopes to launch Kellgard Cares, a volunteer-based restoration program helping those in need. Tiffany Markuski, co-owner of Kellgard Contracting, stated, “If I can make one child or family smile because of our work, I have succeeded in our mission.” Kinfolk aspires to launch a reality-based contracting show highlighting the Kellgard Cares mission as well as Kellgard Contracting’s remodeling efforts.

To further reach key contributors to Washington County’s thriving business climate, Kinfolk is working directly with the local Chamber of Commerce. Rod Irish is a pivotal component of this relationship as the Chamber’s membership specialist. Rod works side-by-side with each member of the chamber helping them achieve not only their membership goals, but their roles in the community. The Chamber of Commerce was established in 1919 with their vision being, “to be the preferred advocate and recognized voice of business in the greater Hagerstown-Washington County, Maryland area,” according to the Chamber’s website.

You may now be asking, “Where is Kinfolk located?” Kinfolk will be calling Mulberry Lofts its home, one of the most exclusive professional buildings in Washington County. Mulberry Lofts is the first major building commuters see when entering the city from U.S. 40. The building has been significantly renovated and restored to not only superb esthetic quality but also structural integrity. The building has a unique U-shape and actually came to life in the 1920s as Southern Shoe, according to Herald-Mail Media reports. Design Method Group bought the building and began the immaculate renovations we see today.

Although Kinfolk’s wheels are in motion for insurmountable success, they remain devoted advocates for the smaller businesses of our area. The driving force for Kinfolk is the promotion of all social economic classes, especially those who may lack the ability to voice their desire for change and growth. Kinfolk’s diverse team alone demonstrates diversity and inclusion with an array of backgrounds, social economic classes, race, and ages. This unique dynamic creates a unique purlieu for the professional community and represents the team’s shared vision. Kinfolk’s appetite for unity through art, entertainment, collaborative communication, entrepreneurship, and empowerment is insatiable. Kinfolk’s team member Tereance Moore stated: “We want to serve as leaders and change agents, creating a template which strengthens our comm-unities nationwide.” Sounds good, but does Kinfolk walk the walk? The answer is an assertive YES! Kinfolk is heavily saturated in initiatives such as Hagerstown Cease Pain, Hagerstown Police Youth Interaction Policy Reform, Beacon House, Robert W. Johnson Community Center, Maryland Symphony Orchestra, Hagerstown Score, and Art Alliance of Greater Waynesboro, among many others.

Hagerstown is about to explode with growth and opportunity with Kinfolk being an integral component. Kinfolk will not be entering the market quietly. There will be a multitude of opportunities to interact with their amazing team within the community. From “Meet Our Team” events to volunteering throughout the community, you will have a difficult time not running into a Kinfolk family member. Kinfolk cares about Hagerstown and is hopeful to meet as many members of its community as possible in the coming years. As it states in Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one; because they have good reward for their labor.” Kinfolk believes by partnering with the community, Hagerstown will see unconquerable reward.

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