Exploring Home & Garden

Pry Family Quilt

Photography by Turner Photography Studio

Seven homes opened up their doors and patios to sightseers for the 10th annual Women’s Club House and Garden Tour this year. While serving as a fundraiser that helps support the Women’s Club Foundation’s mission to provide clean, safe, and affordable housing for low-income women, those who joined in on the fun were also afforded the opportunity to wander and witness creative home décor ideas all over Washington County. HM was lucky enough to tag along to some of the homes featured on this year’s tour, and we found some clever and inspiring ways to take advantage of water features, as well as ways to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. We began with a visit to Old Stone Mill in Smithsburg — the home of Carlos and Jennifer Alvarez — and then found ourselves back in Hagerstown at the home of Christopher Hester and Ron Milburn. While both homes employed some conventional approaches to decorating, the differences were what we found most inspiring.

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