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A Very DIY Christmas

DIY Christmas

Brittany Mowen provided an assortment of hand-made gift and decorating ideas.

You can check out her work online at and maybe even pick up a piece if you’d rather not do it yourself.

Homemade Christmas TreeYou'll need:
Poster board or a foam tree (purchased from a craft store)
Hot glue gun
Feather boa
Pipe cleaners
Tinsel garland

Make any size cone using poster board and a hot glue gun. You can skip this step if using a foam tree. With the hot glue gun, adhere the material tightly every few inches. Once the cone is completely covered in the material of your choice, top it off with a festive pom-pom and repeat to your heart’s content.

Wrapped In Style
You'll need:
Paper drop cloth from the hardware store
Stamps and ink (optional)
Twine or silk ribbon
Gift tags
Rosemary or berry twigs

Using the paper drop cloth, wrap your present — if you plan on using a stamp on the package, do it before wrapping. Tie the silk ribbon around the present and tie it off in a neat bow. You could also use different widths and colors of ribbon, layering them over each other for effect. If you’re going with the rustic look use the twine instead. Start with your twine on top of the present, wrap it around back, cross each strand over the other and twist so they are going the opposite direction. Bring to the front and tie in a bow or knot. Add a tag to the twine before tying off if desired. Tuck a sprig of rosemary or berry twig into the ribbon.

The Golden Reindeer
You'll need:
11x14 Canvas
Elmer’s glue
Paint Brush
Strong Hold Hairspray
Reindeer Outline — For the artistically un-inclined, you can find one online at:

Coat the canvas with any color you choose. You can also use a blank white canvas but any color that compliments your décor would work great. Next, print out the reindeer head silhouette to fit the canvas accordingly, and cut it out. With a pencil, trace the deer head on the canvas. Using the glue, fill in the outline of the nose. It’s best to use your fingers, because you need to make sure the glue is a nice even layer. Shake glitter onto the glue and let it set for a few seconds and then shake off excess. Repeat the glue and glitter process with the antlers one at a time. Follow the process through remainder of reindeer head until it’s completely filled in. Once the silhouette is completely filled in, coat with a very strong hold hair spray to ensure the glitter doesn’t fall off.

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